The Hollyweird Quarantine

The latest in Hollyweird idol’s tweets have been filled with strange and cryptic symbolism during an unprecedented quarantine

Anyone who’s kept up with the latest investigations from 4chan and Q-anon has undoubtedly been left scratching their heads from a whirlwind of cryptic and panicked tweets out of Hellywood. Last year I wrote an article about the mysterious “suicide” of Isaac Kappy after he spoke out about alleged pedophilia within the Hellywood sphere, since then the rabbit hole has seemed to just get weirder and weirder. Rumors of a chemical compound called adrenochrome (also known as “white rabbit”) that is ingested by the rich and powerful is extracted from helpless victims after inducing a state of fear that creates the chemical in their blood. These are most likely Satanic ritual abuse cases where a victim is tortured and then sacrificed inducing an abnormal amount of adrenaline into the victim’s blood. It is rumored that in Hollywood and beyond the ultra rich and powerful drink adrenochrome as a sort of fountain of youth which gives them an unnaturally youthful look and an unbelievable amount of energy.

Survivor Fiona Barnett’s drawing of Satanic abuse ritual

Sounds crazy, I know… But if you look back through time and history, this is a well known story. The worship of Moloch goes back thousands of years and this latest iteration is just a continuation of Babylonian child sacrifice that has never really stopped, just disappeared into the shadows. However with the rise of the internet and citizen journalism it seems the gig may be up for Hollyweird, the Democrat Party, the Deepstate and beyond. With the first investigations of Pizzagate we saw just how involved Democrat party operatives like the Clintons, the Podestas, the Obamas, the Weiners, and others could be linked to child sex trafficking through the unprecedented Wikileaks of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others. Later on we saw how these parties were connected to Hellywood through people like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. Anyone with half a brain could start to see the obvious link between Pizzagate, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party. Though the failed journalistic institutions of the US and beyond have utterly abandoned their duty to investigate these critical stories and evidence (more likely they are involved), citizen journalists and investigators have picked up the ball and are headed full-speed towards the end-zone.

ABC news cover up of Clinton, Epstein, and Prince Andrew story

The latest cryptic tweets of celebrities who seem to be unbelievably bored to death in their million-dollar mansions, convey a sense of dread, panic, and worry even the Corona Virus couldn’t justify. It’s as if they are being watched and trying to communicate through a series of symbols and cryptic keywords. In short, the rumor is that Hellywood’s supply of adrenochrome has run out… With the complete quarantine and lock-down around the world, the Elite are having a hard time getting their fix and it’s showing in their oddly deteriorated looks and sickly demeanors. And it’s all revolving around one man… Tom Hanks… who allegedly has come down with the Corona Virus. However he may not be sick but rather singing like a bird after being caught up in the murder of Isaac Kappy. It has all come full circle… Isaac Kappy came out about pedophilia in Hollywood, naming Hanks as one of the pedos, Hanks then boldly posted on Instagram about someone having an accident on route 66 not far from where Kappy was found dead. It seems that Hanks may not be Hollywood’s golden boy but rather a cold blooded murderer. It appears stars such as Ellen Degeneres, David Spade, and others are trying to reach out to Hanks with little success. Degenerate and Spade have been posting cryptic videos on twitter alluding to Hanks being a puzzle piece that could destroy the hellish cabal that is Hollywood. Hanks may be the linchpin in all of the Hollywood pedophilia that could take down the entire industry as we know it.

Ellen’s cryptic symbolism references “magic”, “puzzles”, and “kids”

For more information please search for Q-anon on Youtube and browse the 4chan archives

NXIVM and the Degeneracy of Modern Women

Footage from NXIVM branding video of doctor and patient happily exchanging “I love yous” while other members laugh and encourage

With the recent revelation of the NXIVM sex cult led by Hellywood starlet Allison Mack and pervert Keith Raniere, people are starting to wake up to the sludge that is the underbelly of Hollyweird. But, if you follow the mainstream narrative you will be led to believe that these women were some kind of sex-trafficked brainwashed victims when the fact of the matter is these women knew exactly what they were getting involved in. As usual the perverted women involved in this degenerate sex cult are held completely unaccountable for their actions.

In reality this whole sex cult is just one man taking advantage of the degenerate nature of the modern woman. Much like many western women, these members fell head first into the backwards and perverted ideas of feminism. The women involved in Mr. Raniere’s twisted enterprise were not drugged or brainwashed, they simply were enticed by money and power. Instead of finding a good husband and raising a family, feminism led these women to VOLUNTARILY join a deranged and perverted sex cult to follow their lust for money, power, and sex.

If you look into NXIVM further you will find the real sex traffickers were not Mrs. Mack or Mr. Raniere but the droves of modern feminist women excitedly leading others into the degenerate lifestyle of joining Mr. Raniere’s harem of deranged and utterly lost women. Once again, feminism is the real culprit here. These lost and lonely women could have found a loving relationship with a good husband but chose to join a SEX CULT instead. I have lost all sympathy for these types of women that would rather join a modern harem then to start a family and raise good men and women for the world’s future.

Instead it seems the march towards degeneracy and backwardness continues ever forward with the aid of mainstream media and tech giants alike. If you were to believe their narrative, these women were just naive brainwashed victims when nothing could be further from the truth. There are REAL victims of sex trafficking out there and these women are not it. It is a shame to lump a group of degenerate modern feminist women in with true victims of sex trafficking that occurs daily in Hellywood and beyond.

What’s Hiding Underneath Hollywood?

Isaac Kappy, murdered by Hollywood Elites?

Everyone knows about the dual nature of what is perhaps America’s most beloved institution. The film industry has shaped our minds and hearts for decades with their tales of dreamers and schemers. But behind the dreamy facade of Tinseltown lays a dark underbelly that’s blacker than black.

It turns out the dreams Hollywood has been selling us for more than a century more closely resemble a twisted dystopian nightmare that eats away at our very core. It is a dark and ominous agenda to brainwash the masses into submission of the Global Elite that is the true purpose of Hollywood. Only the initiated are allowed to feast on the unholy buffet of excess and deviancy Hollywood offers, much of the same kind of excesses which the Elites enjoy. It has come to light in recent years, that the Global Elites and Hollywood big wigs regularly partake in activities that would make a hedonist blush.

The truth is, if I told you what was going on in Hollywood right now, you wouldn’t believe me. Let’s just say Hollywood is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the dark and tumultuous waters lies a massive conspiracy of corruption and deviancy.

There is a price to pay to join the elites of Hollywood and that price is your very soul, your very blood. If you break your oath to them, you will end up paying with your life. Take the recent case of Isaac Kappy, a Hollywood actor who tried to expose the deep seeded corruption and filth that pervades the film industry. Kappy was trying to let the world in on just how twisted and corrupt Hollywood is underneath it’s glamorous facade, but unfortunately one man couldn’t stand against so much power and corruption and make it out alive.

Isaac Kappy recently called out some big name actors and directors for engaging in pedophilia, an accusation that has actually plagued Hollywood for years, unbeknownst to the general public. But recently the truth has been spilling out bit by bit with the rise of the Internet, citizen journalism, and independent research. After stating that he wasn’t suicidal in a Periscope stream, he was alleged to have “forced himself” off a bridge soon after, an odd way of wording a suicide, news outlets were reporting.

Whether or not it was a suicide the circumstances are odd at best, but I do not doubt the power and corruption that Hollywood is capable of. Combine this with Hollywood’s connection to the Global Elite and you have a recipe for someone to be suicided for poking the metaphorical beehive. Friends, Hollywood is not the glamorous dream that we’ve be fooled into believing, rather it is a cesspool of deviancy and corruption that leads right up to the top.

Until next time, I urge you to watch this video of Isaac Kappy from last year with Nathan Stolpman;

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